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Dorka & Rubia

Since I was a child I was interested in two things the most: dogs and arts & crafts. I loved to draw, glass painting, sewing, made jewellery from beads and wire, and I was always thinking about having a hobby as my job when I grow up. I always dreamed about having a dog, but because of family reasons it wasn't possible. 

It was the turning point of my life when I became 18. I got admitted to the goldsmith school, and after so many years of begging, my mother finally said yes to having a dog! A little later Rubia aka Rubi, the apricot medium poodle girl came home. I was over the moon and she, as my dream come true, with her sweet personality made me fall in love with the breed for the rest of my life. My jewellery is named after her of course, everything started with her...
Five years later we welcomed a new member in our family, Fendi from Golden Regia "Hana", the intelligence and beauty itself on four legs. In 2016 my third poodle girl arrived, the sweet, beautiful and crazy Béta's Hurricane Bonita Elina "Elina". The three of them are my muses, they inspired me to create the first poodle shaped jewellery and so the journey began to start my own business with the dog jewelries in focus. My goal is to improve, to make more detailed pieces and more creative designs.
My jewelleries are handmade, they combine my love for the dogs and my craft. They make it possible to people like me for their beloved pets to become a little bit "immortal". Every piece is as important to me as for the owner, I really put my heart and soul into my works. I create my own ideas and designs, I do not take on orders if it's about to copy someone else work. If you like something you should support the original artist/craftsman and order it from them instead of asking others to copy it for you ;-) 

I started with poodle jewellery, but now I make any kind of breed and other animals too. They are mostly custom made jewelleries based on photos, I have a self-designed collection inspired by Art Nouveau and I started a line with 3D mini-sculptures. I love challenges and crazy ideas but make high quality jewellery which will stand the test of time. 

Welcome to the world of Rubia Jewellery, which truly is inspired by Best Friends...


If you have any questions or would like to order jewellery feel free to contact me!
Dorka Kun

Budapest, Hungary 2018


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